What Good is Christianity? Vishal Mangalwadi

What has shaped Australia into the nation it is today? 

Has Christianity done any good in our culture?

A DVD of 3 of Vishal's talks in Australia ($30 per copy) & Vishal's Must the Sun Set on the West DVD lectures ($45 per copy) are available from late September. Ring 1300 365 965 to purchase.

Vishal Mangalwadi knows the difference the Bible can bring to everyday life – blessing the lives of individuals and communities, even nations.  Vishal grew up in India, surrounded by Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic cultures.  But in his teens he  became a Christian, attracted to the life and teachings of Jesus.  After studying philosophy at university, and spending time living in a Hindu ashram, he began to recognise the enormous benefits that God’s Word has given to Western nations.

Vishal and his wife Ruth turned down attractive US job offers to minister among disadvantaged communities in rural India.  They battled infanticide, corruption and entrenched poverty.  Vishal even spent time in jail because of his efforts to help the people.

He constantly asked himself, Why are some nations more successful than others?

The evidence was overwhelming: the Bible had sown unique seeds in western culture allowing science, technology, human rights and  families to thrive.  Two years ago, Vishal published his best-seller: The Book That Made Your World.

“Very good! Incredible speaker! Praise God for FamilyVoice and thank you very much for bringing Vishal to Australia!”

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